For those of you that are Christian believers, we can never underestimate the value of your prayers. In particular, please pray -






Most of all, please pray that -

that the children and young people will stay healthy and happy and, regardless of their education stage, that they will make good progress.

that adequate resources will be forthcoming - we give thanks for the individuals and churches that regularly support the work of the Emmanuel Home - but pray for the provision of new regular donors.

for Linda Joan, the Home’s Manager, as she deals with the daily challenges of providing for the children and young people.

that the children and young people stay safe, and for general security and stability in Kisumu and the rest of Kenya.


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through the work of the Emmanuel Home children, young people and adults will know how great God is, and how great was the sacrifice he gave in his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

for the Okella family and friends - John Dicks Okella, former Kanyawegi boy and son of mama Faridah Okello (former Kanyawegi house mother), died in a road accident on the 27 February 2019, aged 24, on his way to the Kisumu National Polytechnic, Kondele, Kisumu where he was studying for qualifications to become a Civil Engineer.

for wisdom for the UK & Kenya Committees overseeing and planning the work of the Emmanuel Home and, in particular, for the Chairman of Kanyawegi UK, Peter Skinner, as he prepares for another visit to Kisumu in Spring 2019.