Boda-boda bicycle taxis in Oginga Odinga Road, central Kisumu

Kisumu Municipal offices

The Imperial Hotel

Kenya Commercial Bank, Achieng’ Oneko Road

Kisumu Port on Lake Victoria - seen here with an abundance of water hyacinth

 Direction signpost in Cheltenham Park, Oginga Odinga Rd -

Kisumu is twinned in friendship with Cheltenham spa town in the UK

Kisumu central business district

The Kisumu Hotel

View from the top of Oginga Odinga Road

The Kinda Hotel

Trader’s stalls along Achieng’ Oneko Road

Landscaped courtyard within the Mega Plaza Shopping Centre

Kisumu Railway Station


Evidence of strong religious beliefs is everywhere

The new Kisumu International Airport buildings

Pretty water hyacinth flowers on Lake Victoria - Sept 2012

Kisumu’s crest

Kisumu sunset - view out over the City to Lake Victoria covered in water hyacinth

Brass plate commemorating the opening of a new railway station on the 20.12.1961, being the 60th anniversary of the arrival of the first train at Kisumu on the 20.12.1901

Brass plate commemorating, on the 20.12.2001, the 100th anniversary of the arrival of the first train at Kisumu on the 20.12.1901

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

Fish bars along the edge of Lake Victoria

Vehicle washing in Lake Victoria in front of the fish bars


Kisumu City


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