Money £ Matters

This is where we seek to keep you informed about the financial affairs of the Emmanuel Home.

Main Challenges

The main challenge facing the Kenya Board & the Kanyawegi UK charity is the raising of sufficient funds to support the young people when they leave school and go on to undertake practical training courses, or attend college or university.

Donations History

   Year to 31.5.2018      £64,833 - copy

   Year to 31.5.2017      £30,758 - copy   

   Year to 31.5.2016      £31,499 - copy  

   Year to 31.5.2015      £44,702 - copy

   Year to 31.5.2014      £39,972 - copy

   Year to 31.5.2013      £41,049 - copy

   Year to 31.5.2012      £39,138 - copy

   Year to 31.5.2011      £33,079 - copy

   Year to 31.5.2010      £33,037 - copy

   Year to 31.5.2009      £33,888 - copy

   Year to 31.5.2008      £34,340 - copy

   Year to 31.5.2007      £31,284 - copy

Kanyawegi UK’s accounts can also be inspected on the Charity Commission website.

We were blessed with a legacy of £43,095 in late 2017 within the year to 31.5.2018, however, other donations fell to £21,738 in that period and the £ to Kenyan Shilling exchange rate is still low (see later - below).

Whilst raising donations continues to be a challenge, the Home has seen some significant reductions in outgoings, particularly as university fees come to an end and courses finish.

In February 2018, both the charity Chairman (Pete Skinner) and Treasurer (Sally Petit) were able to visit Kenya, providing an opportunity to review how the work of Emmanuel Home was going.

It was particularly fruitful in terms of the support given to the new Home Manager (recently promoted from being a ‘house parent’). This support included establishing more effective financial record keeping and this enhanced the level of detail in financial reporting to the UK Committee throughout 2018.  Visits to a range of schools gave opportunity to see how the children and young people were progressing.

Despite the legacy, we are unfortunately no longer in a position to offer university course support for those finishing secondary education - as the fees are prohibitive. However, individuals already in higher education will be supported through to the end of their courses (for example Kevin 4 doing a Medical Laboratory Technician course at Kisumu Polytechnic).

Receipt of the legacy did, however, enable the Charity to support secondary school leavers in alternative post-school options in place of university. Current secondary school leavers are offered the alternative of vocational training courses, driving tuition, or help in starting small businesses to enable them to gain work skills to enhance their employment prospects.

In the July 2018 Newsletter we listed a few young people who were doing such courses, and here’s an update on their progress, as at April 2019:

Beatrice - has successfully completed her Diploma in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy and is hoping to start work soon. We are waiting to hear what she might need in the way of equipment and materials to help her get started.

Samwel - has undertaken a Plumbing and Drainage course and has also learnt to drive.

Baraka - is a young man who didn’t want vocational training, but asked for support to start a photography business. We gave him a one-off payment to enable him to buy a laptop for use in his business and, latest reports, are that he he is doing well.

Lillian - is still doing her Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics.

The implementation of these options throughout 2018 was achieved with the valuable support and guidance of one of the members of the Kenyan support committee.

Exchange Rate - Currency fluctuations

Another problem has been the fall in the amount of Kenyan Shillings one can obtain for every £1 following the Brexit EU Referendum result in June 2016. There has been up to an 18% fall in value, as illustrated in the graph below.  

The exchange rate recovered somewhat between October 2016 and January 2018, but has since fallen again from January 2018 and stands around 131 Kenyan Shillings to £1.  This has left us with a dramatic shortfall of regular donation funds to be able to send over to Kenya to support the Emmanuel Home over that period.  Extra regular donation funds are urgently needed to fund ongoing work.

General Inflation

According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, the Kenyan Consumer Price Inflation rate for the 12 months period to April 2018 was 3.73%.

We pray and appeal for cash donations to get us through this especially difficult period and for more regular sponsors.


It was with great sadness that we heard of the unexpected death of James Ayoki (James 2), our long-standing Deputy Manager / House Parent, on Tuesday 27 October 2015.  It is obvious from his well attended funeral that he will be missed by many - an illustrated report on his burial on the 14 November 2015 can be found by clicking on this link.

The current position on staffing is as follows -


Lynet is based at the Rehema Mission School, in Kisumu and works for the Home part-time.

Numbers of Children / Young People

There are currently around 30 children & young people under the care of the Emmanuel Home with financial support and advice being provided through the Kanyawegi UK charity and the valuable assistance of the Kenyan Committee.


All the children and young people connected to the Home are orphans. They are totally reliant upon the money sent over by Kanyawegi UK each month - which comes in from regular and one-off giving from individuals, churches and other organisations. The UK Committee are carefully considering options for the future and would love to see new sponsors coming forward to support the Home regularly.

We thought it might be helpful to indicate the total costs per individual for those who wish to make a one-off donation, or plan their giving in a different way:

As a charity we have stated that we want to support all these individuals through their education. Unfortunately this is not achievable on the current regular income, much less taking in more children in need.

Please do what you can to help, including recommending the charity to friends and neighbours and giving them information if interested.

Part sponsorship / shared sponsorship is also most welcome.


Some past initiatives have brought in some additional funds:

A New Testament 'Read-a-thon' led by the Moxham family started at 7 am on 30 December 2014 and involved the reading of the whole New Testament in one session, ending in the early hours of the following day! A number of people participated and even more sponsored the activity; over £800 was raised if one includes the reclaimed tax via Gift Aid.  A great achievement - many thanks to all those that were involved!

A Christmas gift scheme in one church meant folk could buy vouchers for friends (instead of traditional gifts) and let them know what the money would be used for in Kenya. The scheme raised much needed funds. We intend to continue this through the year for birthdays etc. and enable more people to use it. See below for details.

Gift Vouchers

If you have problems thinking of birthday / anniversary presents and would like to give or receive something that is unusual, useful and appreciated - then look no further!  How about our gift voucher scheme?

It works like this: a donation of any amount from £5 to... £?  (the sky's the limit!) can be made to Kanyawegi UK, in support of the work of the Emmanuel Home, and a voucher printed out with your preferred wording.

It could say that a donation has been made to the general funds of Kanyawegi UK (with or without specifying the amount) - or you may like to suggest a particular way in which the donation could be spent (eg: £5 for a mosquito net; £7.50 for a course of malaria treatment; £11 for a pair of shoes; £25 for a special activity / treat such as a swimming trip for the children / young people; £125 for a year of primary education - and so on).


The voucher would be set in a card with a photograph of some of the children / young people on the front so that you could give it as a gift card to your friend / family member (see example pictured below). For further information, or if you would like to do this, please contact:

Mrs Gill Skinner


Old Gore Lane




Tel:       01761 23 2337


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* we were blessed with a legacy of £43,095 within the year

   to 31.5.2018, however, other donations fell to £21,738.

(L to R):  Linda Joan, Sally Petit (UK Treasurer) and Lynet Samo


The normal annual cost varies with age, stage and institution but is between £100 pa and £800+ pa for each child / young person.

Living & Running Costs:

In addition to the above, there are all the costs of living and running the home, including rent, fuels, staffing, food, bedding, medicines, clothing, transport, etc and this works out at about £1,000 each per annum, averaged over the entire age range.

  Education establishment

  College / university

     Primary School

Total cost per child / young person per  annum

  £1,800 +

  £1,700 - £1,800 each

  £1,600 - £1,700 each

  £1,500 - £1,600 each

  £1,400 - £1,500 each

  £1,100 - £1,200 each

If donor is not a UK tax payer, or does not Gift Aid their donations, per month

  £150 p/m +

  £142 - £150 p/m each

  £133 - £142 p/m each

  £125 - £133 p/m each

  £117 - £125 p/m each

  £  92 - £100 p/m each

If donor is a UK tax payer and their donations are Gift Aided, per month

  £120 p/m +        + 25% Gift Aid

  £113 - £120 p/m + 25% Gift Aid

  £107 - £113 p/m + 25% Gift Aid

  £100 - £107 p/m + 25% Gift Aid

  £  93 - £100 p/m + 25% Gift Aid

  £  73 - £  80 p/m + 25% Gift Aid

Linda Joan

Lynet Samo

Home Manager

Assistant / Deputy Home Manager