For those of you that are Christian believers, we can never underestimate the value of your prayers. In particular, please pray -






that the children / young people will stay healthy and happy.  

that Roy Samo, the Emmanuel Home’s Manager, will continue to lead expertly as his team continue to work effectively with the work of running the Home for so many on the reduced resources.

that, if school / college / university is hard, the children / young people will still try to improve.

that the UK Committee will have wisdom.

that adequate resources will be forthcoming - there is an urgent need for more sponsors.

that the children / young people stay safe, and for general security and stability in Kisumu and the rest of Kenya.

for the Emmanuel Home’s children / young people, all friends, colleagues and the family of James Ayoki (‘James 2’), who was the Home’s Deputy Manager & House Parent.  James sadly died unexpectedly on Tuesday the 27 October 2015. A burial took place on 14 November 2015.

for the Moxham family and their friends. Our long standing Kanyawegi UK Trustee, Doreen Moxham, sadly died suddenly on 21 November 2015, following heart surgery. A funeral / thanksgiving service took place on the 5 December 2015.

that the extra 7 children who arrived at the Emmanuel Home from a local chief in 2015 whom we decided to try and support from January 2016 at Primary School. None of these children have had any previous schooling and, by all accounts, they have settled in well.


that peace returns now that the 2017 Kenyan elections are over.

Most of all, please pray that in all we do as a charity we may experience the reality of God being with us. The work is one way in which we can show God’s love and care to needy people.

Ultimately we want all people to know what a great God he is, and how great was the sacrifice he gave in his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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