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(formerly Kanyawegi Children’s Home)

Kisumu, Kenya, East Africa

Supported by Kanyawegi UK

UK registered charity: 1106296

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About Us

Emmanuel Home’s aim is that every orphan under its care feels loved, wanted, safe and is given the opportunity to reach their full potential, as funds permit.

January 2017 - at the Rehema Mission School

The orphanage, and the around 30 young people under its care, at the Home, at school / college / university or within the community, are supported and funded through KANYAWEGI UK, a registered charity (charity no. 1106296).

The Emmanuel Home near Riat Market, Kisumu

Emmanuel means ‘God with us’ and emphasises our belief that God is with us in supporting the needy children and young people in Kenya.  Many others are being supported within the community, or away at boarding school, college, or university.

Previously the children / young people were under the care of the Kanyawegi Children’s Home, Otonglo, Kisumu.  

The former Kanyawegi

Children’s Home, Otonglo, Kisumu

However, the Home had to be sold in 2014 to make way for the widening of the Busia Road, a major highway linking Kenya with neighbouring Uganda.

Every donation is gratefully received, large or small.

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