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Hamjambo na karibu kwenye tovutietu

Emmanuel Homes aim is that every orphan under its care feels loved, wanted, safe and is given the opportunity to reach their full potential, as funds permit.

The Home, and the young people under its care, are supported and funded through Kanyawegi UK, a UK registered charity (no. 1106296).

Further sponsors and donors are needed and these are welcomed by Kanyawegi UK from anywhere in the world.  Can you help?

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Caring for Kenyan orphans

( formerly the Kanyawegi Childrens Home )

Kisumu, Kenya, East Africa

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Newsletter Jun 2018

Peter Skinner, Chairman of Kanyawegi UK on a visit to Kisumu in February 2018, pictured here with 3 students that have been supported:

Left to right:  Lillian, Monica and Samwel

Middle: Sally Petit, Treasurer of Kanyawegi UK, on her first visit to Kisumu, Feb 2018, with -  

Left:  Linda Joan, the Home’s new Manager &  Right:  Lynet Samo, the Home’s Assistant /

 Deputy Manager

Linda Joan is the new Emmanuel Home’s Manager.  In 2017, Roy Samo was elected as a Member of the County Assembly for Kisumu & also the Deputy Speaker, leaving him too little time to continue in his role as the Home’s Manager.  Linda is a qualified social worker and has been working for the Home as a ‘House Parent’ for several years. She has made a great start in her new role as the new Emmanuel Home’s Manager and has been instrumental in arranging training courses for many of the secondary school leavers.

Sally Petit is the UK-based Treasurer of Kanyawegi UK. Her support over the years has been vital to the work, but she hadn’t visited Kenya.  In February 2018, there was an opportunity for Sally to accompany the Peter Skinner on a trip to Kisumu, which meant that she could see the work first-hand and meet the children and staff involved with the Emmanuel Home.

Peter Skinner is the UK based Chairman of Kanyawegi UK, the UK registered charity that provides funds and support to the young people under the care of the Emmanuel Home ion Kisumu, Kenya.  Peter became a Trustee shortly after the Kanyawegi UK charity was registered in October 2004 (registered charity No. 1106296) and has visited Kisumu on numerous occasions.

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Lynet Samo is Roy’s sister and and the Emmanuel Home’s Assistant / Deputy Manager. Lynet is based at the Rehema Mission School, where she works as a human resources manager and is well placed to oversee the children’s education there and their welfare at the place they stay. She has a wonderfully compassionate heart for children in need.