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Hamjambo na karibu kwenye tovutietu

Emmanuel Homes aim is that every orphan under its care feels loved, wanted, safe and is given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

The Home, and the young people under its care, are supported and funded through Kanyawegi UK, a UK registered charity (no. 1106296).

Further sponsors and donors are needed and these are welcomed by Kanyawegi UK from anywhere in the world.  Can you help?

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Caring for Kenyan orphans

( formerly Kanyawegi Childrens Home )

Kisumu, Kenya, East Africa

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Kanyawegi UK has an urgent need to secure some more long term supporters and also some immediate cash funds to help support the lovely orphans under the care of the Emmanuel Home.

The charity is currently short of money and without a rapid influx of new funds we will have insufficient to send to Kenya for the Home to support the children / young people.

For various reasons, the overall number of regular donors has diminished and therefore regular monthly giving is down and this also has had a negative effect on the amount of Gift Aid that we can reclaim from the government.

There is also the post-Brexit impact on exchange rates which means the value of each £ is at least 15% down against the Kenyan Shilling compared with a couple of months ago.

Are you interested in becoming a supporter, or know someone that might be interested?  Can you help with an immediate cash donation, or do you know anyone that might be willing to help?

If so, please visit our Donate and Sponsor pages for more details of how to help. Alternatively, please contact Kanyawegi UK’s Chairman -

Peter Skinner

Chairman of Kanyawegi UK

From within the UK - Tel:          01761 75 1006

From outside the UK - Tel:  +44 1761 75 1006

E-mail:  peteskinner123@gmail.com

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Emmanuel Home

near Riat Market, Kisumu, Kenya

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On 29 March 2016, the Emmanuel Home joined forces with the Rehema School for a trip to Kisumu International Airport

Enjoying refreshments at the Emmanuel Home after the visit

Emmanuel means 'God with us' and emphasises our belief that God is with us in supporting needy children and young people in Kenya.

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